The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Fracture Clinic (Adults)

Phase 2: 2 to 4 week

Below you will find important information to follow 2 - 4 weeks post injury.

Pain relief: Continue to use appropriate painkillers as necessary.

Walker boot or shoe: The boot or shoe should be weaned down and discarded now. Comfy and spacious footwear such as trainers will provide support and reduce irritation. You may increase you walking distance as pain allows.

Toe strapping: If your toe was strapped, please now remove the strapping. Strapping must not be worn for more than 2 weeks.

Elevation: Continue to elevate the foot if it looks swollen in comparison to your opposite side.

Exercises: The following videos will help you regain movement in your toe and help you walk without a limp. You may start these exercises when you feel comfortable to do so, discomfort is expected. You should do these exercises regularly - if you experience severe pain you are doing too much.

View the Toe Phase 2 pdf to print or save phase 2 exercises.
You may move onto Phase 3 once you are 4 week post injury.