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BWC Coronavirus recovery plan - August 2020

We, like many other trusts and services, are making plans for a return to normal service over the coming weeks and months. In line with most other services we are taking a very cautious approach locally and are likely to continue with primarily phone consultations and minimal monitoring until all of our service users have experienced at least one 'COVID appointment'.

From Sept 2020 (~6 months post withholding of routine bloods for stable patients = majority of our cohort) most of our service users will not have had routine HIV monitoring bloods done in the last 12 months and so ALL of these service users will need to have a face to face / telephone consultation, monitoring bloods done and medication delivery arranged.

We aim to achieve the above whilst also ensuing adequate social distancing to ensure that service users and staff are kept as safe as possible. Footfall in clinic will, therefore, be carefully managed.

New clinic process from 1st September 2020:

  • We will carefully manage and limit the number of service users attending face to face appointments at any one time at the Leeds clinic. Some service users will be asked to attend their appointments face to face and will have their bloods taken at the same time and others will be allocated a phone appointment and will then be booked into clinic at another time to have their bloods done.
  • We will be re-starting face to face clinics for all service users attending clinic at our Wakefield and Dewsbury sites as these service users will all need to attend for bloods anyway and we can’t offer bloods lists at these sites outside of these fixed clinic times.
  • The following text message will be sent to all service users in advance of all face to face clinic appointments: It is important that you attend your next appointment at BWC but please come alone where possible, wear a face covering and try not to arrive more than 10mins early. If you think you have Coronavirus do not come to clinic - seek advice at
  • We will be doing a ‘COVID check’ by text in advance of all face to face appointments and this will be repeated by the reception team when service users arrive in clinic.
  • PPE - staff to wear sessional face masks during all clinical sessions and to use gloves, eye protection and aprons when within 2 metres of a patient (other than when just passing in the corridor).

As always we will ensure that you have enough medication to last until your next appointment.


• Please click on the following link to see the current BHIVA guidance / statements in relation to people living with HIV and coronavirus which we hope is helpful:

As the situation continues to evolve we may to adapt the above plan over the next few months and we will update information on the website accordingly.



UK-CAB COVID-19 Survey

UK-CAB are undertaking a survey about the experiences of people with HIV during COVID: Thank you for taking part if you can and thank you to all of our service users who took part in our recent BWC ‘COVID-19 response’ survey the results of which we will be feeding back to you on our website and in our next BWC newsletter in September.