The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Combined kidney and pancreas transplants

Being considered for a combined kidney and pancreas transplant.

Certain people with both kidney failure and Type 1 Diabetes may be considered for a simultaneous kidney and pancreas transplant.

If your Doctor feels that this is an option for you the transplant co-ordinators will contact you and provide you with some written information. A series of tests will then be organised including:

  • a chest x-ray
  • an ECG (heart tracing)
  • a MR scan of the vessels in your pelvic area
  • a heart stress test
  • a cardio-pulmonary exercise test (where you are asked to cycle on an exercise bike or run on a treadmill whilst your heart and lungs are monitored)

Simultaneous kidney and pancreas transplants are not carried out in Leeds. The results of these tests are therefore then passed onto another centre (normally Manchester or Newcastle). You will then be offered an out patient appointment at this centre. Providing you are accepted onto the combined kidney and pancreas transplant waiting list you will be activated once some blood tests have been processed.

When a potential organ match has been found you would be called into your centre (Manchester or Newcastle) and if the organs are suitable you will undergo an operation where a pancreas and a kidney from the same deceased donor are transplanted into you. You have to remain in this hospital until you are ready to be discharged home. Your out patient care will then be based in the centre where you received your transplant until they discharge your care back to Leeds.

When successful, this type of transplant offers a treatment option for both your kidney failure and your diabetes.