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Dietary advice before and after a kidney transplant

Losing weight before and after a kidney transplant

Due to the increased risks of surgery when overweight, you will have to have a BMI (body mass index) of below 35 to be active on the kidney transplant waiting list but ideally this should be below 30. People with a BMI of over 35 may be considered for a transplant on an individual basis. If you are unsure what your BMI is your dialysis or clinic nurse will be able to tell you. Even if your BMI is below 35 but still in the overweight range your risks during and shortly after a kidney transplant will be reduced if you are able to lose some weight. Please ask to speak to a renal dietitian for advice if you are attempting to lose weight.

If you know your height and current weight, click here to calculate your BMI.

After a kidney transplant it is important that you still keep yourself healthy. It can also be easier for you to put on weight.