The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Help to Overcome Problems Effectively (HOPE)

A course for people living with cancer

This course is for anyone who is undergoing or finished their cancer treatment. It can help you rediscover your strengths and overcome the emotional and practical challenges of living with cancer.

Topics covered during the course include:

  • Managing fatigue - What causes fatigue? How this impacts on our body? Learn techniques including Prioritising, Planning and Pacing.
  • Sleeping better - Solutions to sleep problems, tips and guidelines.
  • Body changes, sexuality and intimacy - Learn about changes to your body that cancer treatment can bring about. The option to discuss any issues around sexuality and intimacy.
  • Fear of recurrence - The opportunity to describe any fear you have of cancer returning and formulation a strategy to manage the strategy to manage the situation and the emotions surrounding it.
  • Goal setting - Learn to set manageable and achievable goals.
  • Mindfullness - Paying close attention to the present moment experience.

For more information about the HOPE Course, and when the next sessions will be, please contact the Leeds Cancer Support team on:

Tel: 0113 2066498