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The aim of chemotherapy is to:  

  • shrink the cancer
  • keep the disease under control
  • help to manage symptoms

For more information about the chemotherapy service at Leeds Cancer Centre please click on this link

How is chemotherapy given?

Chemotherapy can be given either by an intravenous infusion and is given in ‘courses‘, usually at three weekly intervals. You will usually receive all your chemotherapy treatments as an outpatient.

What are the side effects?

Detailed information is provided about the specific side-effects and how to manage them before starting treatment with the most common side-effects being:

  • fatigue
  • a drop in blood counts
  • nausea
  • hair loss (only with some chemotherapy drugs).

Chemotherapy drugs

The most common chemotherapy drugs used for the treatment of neurological cancers include:

 For more information, click on this link from Macmillan Cancer Support - Chemotherapy for a Brain Tumour