The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Ward L33 - Teenage Cancer Trust Unit

The teenage unit provides care for teenagers 13 years – 18 years of age with cancer and its related illness. Its just one of the UK's Teenage Cancer Trusts Units, providing specialist care and facilities for this age group.

The unit has been sponsored by Teenage Cancer Trust Unit, and it has been designed with the help of patients and their parents and carers; its aim is to provide patient care in a friendly uplifting environment, with other patients of the same age as you, making your hospital stay as enjoyable as possible.

You will be able to recognise the staff by their uniforms:

  • Matron (navy with red trim)
  • Clinical nurse specialist (purple)
  • Senior sister(navy blue)
  • Junior sister (royal blue)
  • Staff nurse (light blue)
  • Ward clerk (turquoise)
  • Ward domestics (grey)
  • Doctors (non-uniform)
  • Youth Support Coordinator (non-uniform)

... but, all members of staff can be identified by their official name badges.

You will quickly find that there are many professionals on the unit who will be looking after you. Each member of staff has a specific role and many skills. This is called a multidisciplinary team! Here are some of those people:

Doctors - you will have your own named consultant. This person is the expert in treating your disease and will lead your care. There are other grades of doctors that you will see, they are specialist registrars and seniors house officers, these are the doctors who you will see on a day-to-day basis.

Nurses - the majority of the nurses who look after you on the unit have a lot of experience of looking after young people just like you! They are also expert in caring for people with cancer. You will soon get to know the nurses, and you can tell whos who by the colour of their uniform!

The ward clerk is very important! She answers the phone, organises your appointments, transport, parking, accommodation and makes endless cups of tea for anyone who wants one!

The housekeepers...keep us in check, and stop us from being too messy. They also help with giving out the meals.

The the person who gives us advise about nutrition. You all need the right nutrients to help you to get better. someone who specialises in joints, bones and mobility. They are also experts in problems with ‘breathing’, and can be of huge help in the event of a chest infection. in the drugs that you will be given. They are a valuable source of advice and help, and will help to ensure that you are given the correct drug at the right time.

Youth Support Coordinator..provides you with entertainment, projects and activities to help your stay a little more bearable while you are on the unit and also provides social support away from the unit.

Learning mentor...helps you to maintain your education while you are having treatment.

Macmillan Liaison nurses will come and meet you and will keep in contact with you through out your treatment, and often beyond. They will come and visit you at home, and will be able to help and advise about any aspect of your illness and its treatment. They will also work with your GP, district nurse, macmillan nurse, health visitor and with our school, wherever needed, in order to help make your experience as problem-free as possible.

Social worker...will be able to offer advice and support throughout your treatment on the unit, and even when you have completed it.