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The chemotherapy service at the Leeds Cancer Centre treats over 5,000 patients per year.  The service includes all the preparations for giving of chemotherapy and other drugs used to treat cancer.  We do this across a number of different areas, including:

The main chemotherapy delivery area is the day case unit  located on Level 1, Bexley Wing.

Chemotherapy as part of cancer treatment

The decision to offer chemotherapy will be taken following a discussion of each patient`s condition at a Multi-disciplinary team meeting where the most effective plan of care is made. Chemotherapy can be given on its own or in combination with surgery or radiotherapy. The coordinated diagnostic and treatment approach gives all patients all the options available for treating cancer .

What is Chemotherapy?

Chemotherapy (“chemo”) is a treatment with drugs which destroy or control the growth of cancer cells. These maybe given as tablets or by injection or an infusion (sometimes termed as a drip) into the vein. There are many different types of chemotherapy drugs, which can be used in combination with each other. This is  because different drugs destroy the cancer cells in different ways. Because  chemotherapy can affect normal cells in the body as well, this sometimes causes unpleasant side effects. However, normal cells will usually re-grow and heal quickly, so the damage to the normal cell is only temporary.

Specific information about the potential side effects of chemotherapy treatment is given to each patient, and clear advice of what to do if they occur. All patients are given a   phone number to contact a skilled health professional twenty four hours a day to discuss any issues, such as side effects, or if feeling unwell  whilst chemotherapy is being received. 

Chemotherapy is delivered by a highly committed multi-disciplinary team of medical, pharmacy, and nursing staff who are highly trained professionals in their specific areas. Our  teamwork makes sure that all patients have the best possible chemotherapy treatment and supportive care available. 

For more information about the specific drug that has been prescribed please follow this link to the Macmillan website 

For patients receiving chemotherapy please click on this link to describe the "chemotherapy pathway".