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The children's and young people's radiotherapy team

Meet the team




Our radiotherapy team is made up of specially trained paediatric staff. The radiotherapy department works as a multi-disciplinary team which means that different health professionals work together to share specialist knowledge and expertise to make sure that all patients have the best possible treatment and care available. The radiotherapy team includes:

  • Clinical oncologists 
  • Paediatric therapy radiographer 
  • Therapy radiographers
  • Clinical nurse specialists
  • Play specialists
  • Anaesthetists
  • Operating department practitioners
  • Mould room clinical technologists
  • Clinical technologists, physicists, engineers and scientists

You won’t meet all of the team as many work behind the scenes with planning and preparing the radiotherapy treatment.

Clinical oncologists 

This is a doctor who is a specialist in radiotherapy who is responsible for prescribing and supervising  radiotherapy treatments.

Paediatric therapy radiographer

At Leeds Cancer centre, we have a dedicated paediatric therapy radiographer. They liaise with the families and the medical teams to provide a seamless radiotherapy treatment for you and your child.

Therapy radiographers

Therapy Radiographers are specialists in radiotherapy planning treatment of and treating patients. They are Allied Health Professionals who have undergone specific training to be qualified to deliver radiotherapy treatments and provide expert patient care.

Clinical nurse specialist 

Their role is to offer support, provide information and advice and support patients and their families during their radiotherapy treatment. They liaise with the rest of your child's medical team to co-ordinate appointments and treatments.

Play specialist

Our play specialist works with children to prepare them for their radiotherapy treatment and provide them with coping mechanisms to decrease their fears and concerns. We have a model of our radiotherapy machine which children can play with to familiarise themselves with what will happen during their treatment. If your child is having radiotherapy to their head or neck, they will need a mask to be made for them to help them to stay still for the treatment. Our play specialist can paint the mask with a design chosen by your child which they can keep after they have finished their treatment.

Anaesthetist and operating department practitioner

If your child requires an anaesthetic for their radiotherapy treatment, they will be looked after by a paediatric anaesthetist and operating department practitioner.

Mould room clinical technologists 

Careful positioning is very important for radiotherapy. Patients who are having treatment to their head, neck or upper chest may need a mask to be made to help them stay still.  Sometimes shields are made to protect areas close to the treated region.

If your child needs a mask or shield made for their treatment they will meet the mould room team. The mould room technologists are specially trained in the production of masks, shields and other devices used for radiotherapy treatment. You can see a film made for adults about the mould room at Leeds Cancer Centre here . There is a great video called 'One of a kind', which is a cartoon explaining radiotherapy treatment to children. You can see the cartoon by clicking  here.

Clinical technologists, physicists, engineers and scientists

Physicists and dosimetrists work together to plan radiotherapy treatments. They design each patients individual treatment plan.

Scientists, engineers and technicians are responsible for the safety, accuracy and reliability of the treatment machines. They perform quality assurance checking and regular servicing of all the radiotherapy equipment. Click here to find more information about our radiotherapy technology services.