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Liver Transplantation Information

Referral for Transplant Assessment

Clinical Guideline: Referring for liver transplant assessment

Referral Proforma for Liver Transplant Assessment

A formal referral for liver transplant assessment is required and can be made to any of the Consultant Hepatologists:

  • Dr Mark Aldersley
  • Dr Ramu Chimakurthi
  • Dr Lee Claridge
  • Dr Audrey Dillon
  • Dr Jayne Dillon
  • Dr Vinod Hegade
  • Dr Rebecca Jones
  • Dr Joanna Moore
  • Dr Richard Parker
  • Dr Ian Rowe
  • Dr Phaedra Tachtatzis

Patients will be seen in our outpatient clinic for pre-assessment and an initial opinion regarding suitability for transplantation.


Specific conditions:

If your patient has hepatocellular carcinoma, please refer to Dr Rebecca Jones or Dr Ian Rowe.

If your patient has hepatitis C and you would like a review regarding suitability for liver transplantation ahead of starting anti-viral therapy please write to Dr Mark Aldersley, Dr Ramu Chimakurthi or Dr Ian Rowe.


Information that is helpful:

Please include the following information in your referrals (or use the proforma at the top of this page) where possible:

  • Diagnosis and confirmatory tests
  • Alcohol or substance misuse history
  • Complications of chronic liver disease, eg. onset of ascites, frequency of paracentesis, history of SBP, encephalopathy, details regarding varices surveillance, bleeding or treatment.
  • For all patients with alcohol or substance related liver disease a clear history of timing of presentation, first advice regarding the misuse and abstinence history is essential, including information as to how and when they have engaged with alcohol or substance misuse services.

Where possible please include records of investigations, including:

  • Blood tests and their progression where available
  • Cardiovascular and respiratory, including echocardiography etc.
  • Radiology reports and image link any cross sectional liver or other relevant imaging.

Where you think an in-patient transfer will be necessary for assessment please contact the liver bleep holder. Please call the St James’s Hospital switchboard on 0113 243 3144 and ask for bleep 4873.


Post-transplant care guidance for shared care


General health screening


Long-term risks

Renal surveillance

Skin surveillance