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LTHT signs 'Caring For You' charter

3 November 2016

Over the summer LTHT became the latest trust with maternity services in the north of England to sign up to the The Royal College of Midwives​ (RCM) 'Caring for You' charter.

The health and wellbeing charter is part of the RCM’s latest health and wellbeing campaign Caring for You, which aims to improve midwives and maternity workers health, safety and wellbeing at work so they are able to provide the highest quality maternity care for women and their families.

The campaign was devised as a direct response to the needs of over-worked midwives not only in England but across the UK. The charter includes commitments to make sure that members of staff are taking adequate rest breaks as well as staying properly hydrated during their shifts. There is also a strong focus on fostering a positive working environment, which includes a zero tolerance approach to undermining and bullying behaviours among staff.

Caring for you charter

Commenting, RCM’s Regional Officer for the North, Lynne Galvin said: “The Caring for You campaign aims to tackle this and improve midwives wellbeing at work. We are delighted that the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust have become the biggest trust in the north of England to commit to the RCMs Caring for you charter.”

Julie Scarfe, Head of Midwifery, said: “LTHT recognises the value of a healthy work environment and endorses the RCM campaign for healthy workplaces in supporting high quality care. The ambition set out in the RCM Charter aligns to the Trust ambition in support of health and wellbeing at work and we look forward to working in partnership to support our maternity teams".

Anita Marshall, an RCM rep at the Trust, added: “As Health and Safety Representative of the RCM, I am proud that our Head of Midwifery has signed up to the RCM’s Caring for You Charter. I am sure many of my colleagues will view this as a positive step forward and will add real value to the workplace.”