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Leeds Pregnancy Patient and Public Involvement Group

Peas in a Pod logoWe’d love to hear from anyone who is currently pregnant, has had a baby in the past two years or is trying for a baby.

What is Patient and Public Involvement (PPI)?

PPI is about giving people a say in what research studies we do and how we do them.

We want our research to lead to better care for pregnant people and their children. To do this, we need to hear from people who are or have been pregnant about things like:

  • What questions we should study
  • What answers are important for them
  • How we find and invite people to take part in our research studies
  • How our research studies are carried out

Who are ‘Peas in a Pod’?

Peas in a Pod is a group of people who are pregnant or have been pregnant in the last 2 years and are willing to be contacted about PPI activities. Everyone is welcome to join and you’ll be able to say how you would prefer to be contacted and what sort of activities you would like to help with.

These might include:

  • Taking part in a survey, either online, by post or by phone
  • Meeting to talk about a particular study, either online or face-to-face
  • Reviewing the information leaflets we give to people who might join our studies
  • Joining one of our study steering groups
  • Helping decide how Peas in a Pod should be run

Want to get involved?

You can email us at if you want to join the group or just find out more. 

Peas in a Pod research team

Left to right: Jayne Wagstaff is a Research Midwife, Malenka Bissell is a paediatric cardiologist and Rebecca Spencer is an obstetrician.