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What tests might I need

The two investigations which we most commonly offer are an amniocentesis or a chorionic villus sample (CVS). Both tests involving having a needle passed into the pregnancy under direct ultrasound control.

There are links to our patient information leaflets about these two tests below

Amniocentesis information leaflet

CVS information leaflet

There are a number of other investigations that are carried out less frequently, for example fetal blood transfusion. If you require one of these, the consultant will discuss them with you and explain how the procedure is carried out and why you are being offered the procedure.

It is quite common for us to ask other specialists to look at your baby, for example, we might ask the paediatric cardiologist to examine the baby’s heart, or a radiologist to carry out an MRI scan to look at the baby’s brain. These tests will be explained to you if they are necessary.

Blood tests are commonly offered and the exact type will be discussed with you before being undertaken.