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Leeds Maternity Care

What we do

The Leeds Fetal Medicine Unit

Most pregnancies result in the birth of a healthy baby but for some women developments may occur that need more specialist help.

The fetal medicine unit is staffed by highly qualified obstetricians and midwives, who provide specialist care for pregnant women from all over England whose baby:

  • is found to have an abnormality, as seen with an ultrasound scan
      • is at greater than usual chance of having an abnormality – on the basis of either a positive screening test (eg nuchal translucency or a blood test), or following the previous birth of a baby with a chromosomal or genetic problem
      • is thought to be much smaller than usual
      • needs specialist treatment during the pregnancy, such as a blood transfusion in the womb
  • is likely to need specialist treatment very soon after birth

Our RCOG subspecialty trained fetal medicine clinicians carry out invasive procedures (CVS, amniocentesis, fetal blood transfusions, fetocide), fetal anomaly scanning, fetal growth scanning, counselling and support.

IRIS Clinic

We offer an enhanced care pathway for women with a history of severe fetal growth problems, or stillbirth due to placental function problems, in a previous pregnancy.

We also provide monitoring for women whose pregnancies are complicated by growth problems in their current pregnancy.

The IRIS clinic is staffed by a team of midwives and specialist obstetricians with a special interest in fetal growth and fetal and placental blood flow measurements (Dopplers). The IRIS clinic  is based at the Leeds General Infirmary Fetal Medicine Unit and runs on a Monday morning.

We are involved in research projects aiming to better understand the causes of fetal growth restriction, stillbirth, and the optimal monitoring and timing of birth for babies who are not growing well during the pregnancy.

The lead consultant obstetricians for the IRIS clinic are:

Dr Andrew Breeze

Dr Kelly Cohen

Dr Thomas Everett

Enquiries about the clinic should be addressed to the Fetal Medicine Unit.