The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Leeds Maternity Care

Our Consultants

Below is a list of Consultants and other key staff in the Fetal Medicine Unit:

Consultants in Feto Maternal Medicine:

Dr Colette Sparey
Dr Tracey Glanville
Dr Jo Pierce
Dr Kelly Cohen
Dr Andrew Breeze

Dr Thomas Everett

Subspecialty Trainees in Maternal & Fetal Medicine:

Dr Lesley Walker

Dr Gemma Ulivi

Fetal Medicine Midwives: 

Denise Barnes

Julie Smith

Consultants in Clinical Genetics:

Dr Chris Bennett
Dr Katrina Prescott
Dr Angus Dobbie

Dr Jenni Campbell

Dr Emma Hobson

Genetic Counsellors:

Catherine Falconer
Gulshan Karbani

Jude Edhouse

Consultant Neonatologists:

Dr Catherine Harrison
Dr Kathryn Johnson

Consultant Paediatric Cardiologists:

Dr Shuba Barwick

Dr Elspeth Brown