The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Claire Lang, Clinical Nurse Specialist

Claire Lang 6

What’s your role?

My role has two parts. I am an MND specialist nurse and I am the Care Centre Coordinator. This means that I not only support patients from diagnosis throughout their disease, acting as their main point of contact, I also work with the MND Association to develop the service and ensure patients receive good care. This together with working with other MND teams regionally and nationally to develop and improve care. Ultimately my goal is to help people living with MND to experience a good quality of life.

What part of the care jigsaw do you provide for MND patients?

My role is very much to piece the jigsaw together. I assess patients to identify any needs they may have. I then refer them to the relevant team members to provide their specialist support. I also link them in with community and other agency support networks. I keep in communications with all of these professionals to ensure care is coordinated.

What do you enjoy about your role?

Meeting different people. I enjoy getting to know my patients and their families. Building positive relationships enables me to support them as best I can. This also applies to other professionals I work with. I enjoy getting to know them and learning from their specialist roles.

What do you enjoy outside of work?

I really cannot imagine working anywhere else, but outside of work I love gardening. I have a small garden at home which I love looking after.

Is there a highlight moment in your time here?

Seeing patients experience a good quality of life is always the biggest highlight for me. Aside from this I have been involved with a great deal of service delivery change in the last 8 years which has contributed to improved care. I'm very proud of that.