The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Homer-Vanniasinkam Vascular Simulation Training Centre

The Homer-Vanniasinkam Vascular Simulation Training Centre (HVVSTC) is based in Leeds General Infirmary.  The HVVSTC mission is to provide targeted training to surgeons and the extended surgical team in vascular and resuscitative surgical procedures.  This is achieved through use of a variety of bench top models and other technologies. The centre is supported by Leeds Hospitals Charities funding, without whom this work would not be possible.

NHS Staff and Healthcare students

Our current specialist delivered training schedule is:

  • Monday 1700 to 1830hrs
  • Tuesday 1200 to 1400hrs
  • Thursday 1600 to 1800hrs

Please contact the director of HVVSTC, Tim Stansfield, via NHS mail if you wish to participate.  We welcome all participants whether you are directly connected to a surgical service or not.