The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Medical Equipment Management

We provide equipment management and consultancy services within the Trust and to others


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 Evaluation of Technology

Installation and  Commissioning

Equipment loans and Asset Management 

We review medical equipment on the market, to identify what our Trust requires to care for patients.  We check devices before purchase to ensure statutory compliance, suitability for intended use and compatibility with other equipment. We ensure that the correct process for the acceptance of medical devices is followed.  Relevant safety tests and other checks are undertaken to demonstrate compliance with safety regulation, that the equipment is suitable for the intended purpose. We loan out equipment from our libraries for episodes of patient care.  We also track maintenance, repairs, alerts and recalls. We provide technical assessments of the status of our medical equipment and plan replacement programmes. 
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 Repair and Maintenance Services

Renal Technology Service

Contractor Management 

This service is provided by highly skilled, trained clinical technologists based in workshops which are equipped with reliable, calibrated test equipment.  We undertake repairs and maintenance work and also arrange for others to do that work. The renal technology group supports renal dialysis within the Trust, in regional centres and also in the home environment. Technical support (repairs, maintenance, and setting up machines) is central to each patient’s treatment as is the management of water plant. More information The contracts team procures maintenance and repair services from external suppliers on behalf of clinical teams. We negotiate terms, manage delivery and ensure compliance to appropriate standards. The team operates a helpdesk for reporting repair requests.
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 Disposal Management

Decommissioned devices are transferred to a Trust approved auctioneer or waste disposal agent in compliance with all national and legal requirements (WEEE regulations) for safe environmental disposal of devices.