The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Stroke and Neurosciences

The Stroke and Neurosciences team provides Occupational Therapy for patients in the Centre for Neurosciences.

We use a range of specialist assessments and treatments to diagnose and treat physical, cognitive, behavioural, perceptual and psychological deficits resulting from neurological disease or trauma.

These include:

  • administration of standardised and functional assessments
  • postural management
  • tonal management (including splinting and casting)
  • cognitive rehabilitation
  • Training and practice of daily living tasks
  • Using everyday activities to regain lost skills (i.e. upper limb function, balance, concentration)
  • provision of equipment and training in compensatory techniques  to promote safety and independence
  • We work closely with carers and family, involving them in patient assessment and treatment whenever we can.
  • We offer an advice service to other wards and OT services within the trust for patients with neurological deficits. 

We have a key role in providing safe and timely discharges from hospital. We work closely with multidisciplinary teams, carers and community agencies to identify and arrange care needs, resolve environmental and housing issues and make appropriate referrals for on-going rehabilitation.

OT stroke