The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Iritis clinics

Optometry led iritis clinics

The Principal Optometrist provides a stand alone clinic to assess and manage patients with anterior uveitis (iritis)

Patients attending this clinic will first have their visions measured and may have their pupils dilated with dilating drops by a nurse or health care support worker (HCSW). They will normally wait at least half an hour for the drops to work, prior to being seen by the Principal optometrist, so will usually be in clinic for at least an hour.


The Principal Optometrist is also providing some telephone assessments during the COVID-19 recovery phase. 

How do I make an appointment with this service?

To be seen in these clinics you must usually be referred by an ophthalmologist



The iritis clinic runs on Tuesday mornings at the main eye clinic at St. James's University hospital.

Waiting times

Please be aware that you may have a series of examinations from a range of clinicians and your appointment may take up to two hours to be completed from the time your appointment is booked.