The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Child Development Clinics


We provide Specialist optometric support for two of the Leeds city Child Development Centres (CDCs)  at Wortley Beck and since September 2018 the Reginald centre in Chapeltown (as part of the Children's Community Eye Service).

Children seen in these clinics are usually referred by community paediatricians.

Orthoptists who specialise in measuring children's vision and binocularity (ability to use their two eyes together) will assess children who have been referred. Any child found to have a problem with their vision or binocularity will be followed up or treated in the centres.

Specialist Optometrists will usually undertake a check to see if glasses are needed, using cycloplegic refraction (using special eye drops); non-cycloplegic refraction or dynamic retinoscopy ( a measure of focussing power at near) as required. they will also carry out an assessment of the health of the back of the eye (fundus) using a special head mounted torch and lens called a Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscopy (BIO).


How do I make an appointment with this service?

To be seen in the clinic you must usually be referred by your community paediatrician.


CDC clinics supported by Specialist Optometrists run at Wortley Beck on the second Tuesday morning of the month and at the Reginald centre on a Monday morning once a month and on the second and fifth Friday afternoon of the month.

Waiting times

Patients attending this clinic will normally have an orthoptic assessment first and then if seeing an optometrist they will be made an appointment with cycloplegic eye drops sent to parents prior to the appointment to be instilled by parents in the child's eyes either the day before or the morning of the appointment. Children will then attend with their focussing muscles relaxed and their pupils dilated.  They will then be seen at their appointment time by the Specialist optometrist, so will usually be in clinic for at least half an hour for either an orthoptic or optometric appointment.