The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Pre-registration Optometrist placements for community optometrists

During the COVID-19 response we will not be providing any student placements.


We normally provide a limited number of placements for Community pre-registration optometrists to gain experience in the Hospital Eye Service (HES) here at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust.

Applications should be made, by the pre-registration optometrist's Supervisor, in a timely manner to the Deputy Head of Optometry. Places are offered on a first come first served basis.

Enquiries about our pre-registration optometrist placements can be made through our department email address:

Two week block placements are offered during normal working hours (9.00am to 5.00 pm) during the Pre-registration period.

It is the responsibility of the Community pre-registration optometrists Supervisor to make the application to the hospital on their trainees behalf and ensure that their trainee has kept a record of attendance and participation.

The training placement involves a significant amount of planning, organisation and supervision and as a result we charge a fee for this training of £800 per trainee.

Please note that it can take up to eight weeks to process the paperwork for an honorary contract after receiving all the required documents from applicants. Delays in receiving the correct documents will delay any potential start date.

Tips for trainees

It is always useful to be clear about the competancies you need to acheive during your HES experience and we recommend discussing this with the health care professionals you sit in with.

It is sensible to discuss the appropriate wording of the witness statements with the health care professionals you sit in with to ensure it reflects your experience and the competancies you need to gain.

For the second block it is particularly helpful if you can discuss any areas you need to cover at the beginning of the week, so we can adjust your timetable accordingly.