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Student placements

During the COVID-19 response we will not be providing any student placements or routine optometric services.


Information on how to apply for a work experience placement in the Optometry department

We offer a very limited number of student work experience opportunities in the Optometry department for students interested in pursuing a career in Optometry.

We would strongly recommend that you should always look at work experience in a community optometry practice as that is more reflective of the role most optometrists do, hospital optometry is a relatively specialised role. There is more information on a career in optometry on the College of Optometrists website

At present student work placements are only open to those who are at least 15 years old and live or study in the Leeds area. Work placements will be in a shadowing or observation capacity only for a maximum of 2 working days.

If you live within Leeds, have already had work experience in community optometry practice and are interested in a student work placement in the Optometry department, to see what Hospital optometry is all about, then you can make an application for a maximum of 2 working days placement.

Step 1

Contact the Optometry department by email, letter or telephone, remember you must be at least 15 years of age and reside or study in the Leeds area.

Our department email address is

Step 2

If the Head of Optometry agrees to consider your work experience placement, he will send you all the work experience placement application forms, which you must complete and return to the Optometry department, along with proof of entitlement to work in the UK and specified identity documents. You can either send paper or electronic copies to the Head of Optometry directly. Remember to retain copies for your own records.

Step 3

The Head of Optometry will agree the work placement details with you and subsequently confirm this by sending you an email or letter.

You will be given an appointment to attend our work experience induction session provide by our Organisational Learning department which will be several days or weeks prior to the work placement.

Please be aware that this placement will be as an observer in our clinics only.