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Double hand transplant patient writes letter of thanks to surgeon

6 April 2017

Yesterday Chris King visited the Trust to share his progress since he made headlines when he received the UK's first double hand transplant last year.

Chris, 57, from Doncaster, is making fantastic progress and was able to demonstrate some of the everyday tasks he has now been able to start doing again, such as making a cup of tea, holding a book and writing a letter.

Chris King writes letter to Professor Simon Kay

It's a really heartwarming story and Chris was filmed with Professor Simon Kay, who led the team carrying out the transplant, as well as with specialist physiotherapist Sarah Taplin. Sarah and her colleagues in the Hand Unit have been working very hard to ensure he gets the best functionality out of his new hands.

Chris King with physiotherapist Sarah Taplin

Chris also wanted to speak out to thank his donor's family and to raise the importance of organ donation and the new hope it brings. LTHT is the UKhand transplant centre and Leeds General Infirmary is the only hospital in the country where these procedures have been carried out.