The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

What we do

The outpatient trauma clinics are a consultant-led service, that is supported by a large multidisciplinary team that ensures that patients receive the best orthopaedic trauma care available.

We have a dedicated team of clinical nurses who are proactive in ensuring that clinics run smoothly and efficiently. Patients often require an x-ray on arrival, in an attempt to prevent patients from waiting longer than required, nurses, when possible, will send patients to have an x-ray on their injury prior to seeing the consultation. Some patients may require to have wound assessments carried out due to the nature of their injury. This is carried out in a collocated special area (wound care room), with all relevant equipment and expert clinical nurses who can also re-dress the wound area if required and escalate to more senior medical staff as appropriate. Often input is acquired by the plastic dressing clinics (located nearby) and their specialised staff members.

Located within our department we have a committed team of plaster technicians. Our plaster technicians are responsible for applying casts to allow the injured area to heal correctly. However, not all patients require this form of treatment and patients may only require the application of a removable splint or, walker boot. In most of these occasions, the patient is provided with the appropriate splint during their visit to the outpatient clinics. Either a member of the plaster room staff or a clinic nurse will also help with the application of the device. In some cases, a referral to the orthotic department will be made for the application of more specialised orthotic devices (splints etc).