The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Meet the Team

Orthoptic Staff

Head of Orthoptic Services

Janice Hoole

Community Lead Orthoptist

Tess Garretty

Advanced Orthoptists

Laura Haslam

Danielle Guy

Sandy Bansal

Specialist Orthoptists

Tracy Eaton

Anna Wood

Mahira Daly

Alison Maynard-Connor

Rebecca Lewis

Naeela Malik

Maryam Neelgoon

Eve Shillan

Cath Williamson

Rosie Finlay


All Orthoptists hold a diploma or a degree in Orthoptics and are registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC).

We are also members of the British and Irish Orthoptic Society (BIOS).


Paediatric Ophthalmologists

There are 6 paediatric ophthalmologists and their teams who work in Children’s Eye Clinic. All training doctors are qualified doctors and have usually working in ophthalmology for years. As part of their training they need to learn about our work and some may decide this is the sub speciality they will work in once qualified as a consultant.

Ms Devina Gogi - (also does adult neuro/motility/strabismus work)

Mr Vernon Long

Mr Ashish Kumar

Mr Evangelos Drimtzias - (also does adult neuro/motility/strabismus work)

Prof Bernard Chang -  specialises in lids and orbits

Mr Nabil El-Hindy -  specialises in lids and orbits