The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Assessment of Stroke Patients

Strokes occur when a part of the brain is deprived of oxygen as a result of reduced blood flow, which may be caused by blood clots or a bleed into the brain due to blood vessel rupture. Strokes usually occur in the older population, however can occur in all age groups. Stroke symptoms will depend on the degree of damage and area of brain affected.

As well as other stroke related problems a stroke sufferer may also have visual problems that can be very complex. A stroke patient may suffer from:

  • Visual field loss
  • Visual neglect - inattention to one side of body/space
  • Double vision - caused by damage to nerve/s supplying eye muscle/s

Orthoptists provide Goldmann Visual Fields assessments, Orthoptic assessments and attempt to manage symptoms of double vision with prisms where appropriate.