The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Children's Eye Clinic

Orthoptists, Optometrists and the Ophthalmologists work alongside each other to investigate and manage children's visual development and ocular motility disorders.

The Children's Eye Clinic takes place in the Orthoptic and Children's Eye Clinic at St. James University Hospital. Children are referred by GPs, Opticians and clinicians from other departments/wards within LTHT.

Children attending these clinics are first examined by the Orthoptist for a vision and/or orthoptic assessment. If required, the Orthoptist will instil pupil dilating drops prior to the child being seen by the Ophthalmologist and/or the Optometrist.

Within these clinics the Ophthalmologist can list children for certain types of eye operations for e.g. squint surgery, eyelid cyst removal surgery, cataract surgery, eyelid surgery.

Follow up appointments or further investigations will be arranged according to the type of eye/vision defect found.

Occasionally we have representatives from the Leeds Visual Impairment Team (VIT) attending these clinics to offer advice and support for some of our patients.

Our Consultant Children's Ophthalmologists are:

Mr A Kumar

Mr V W Long

Mr I G Simmons 

Mr E Drimtzias

Mr N El-Hindy

Professor B Chang