The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Ocular Motility Clinic

The adult Ocular Motility Clinic is a clinic where Orthoptists work alongside a Consultant Ophthalmologist. We assess adult patients with eye movement disorders, double vision and squints.

The adult Ocular Motility clinic takes place in the Orthoptic and Children's eye clinic at St. James University Hospital.

Orthoptists will carry out all required eye measurements and tests, may begin treatment to help relieve symptoms such as double vision and suggest suitable management plans. The Ophthalmologist decides on any further investigations necessary and management where appropriate. Some patients will only need a consultation with the Ophthalmologist.

Adults suitable for squint surgery will be assessed by the Orthoptist and listed for surgery by the Ophthalmologist.

Currently the adult Ocular Motility clinic is held on:

Thursday mornings

Consultant Ophthalmologist - Mr I G Simmons