The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Thyroid Eye Disease Clinic

Adults that are diagnosed with Thyroid Eye Disease (TED) may be followed up in our joint TED clinics, where an Orthoptist, Ophthalmologist and an Endocrinologist work alongside each other to monitor and manage such patients.

The TED clinic is held in Chancellor Wing at St James's University Hospital on Friday mornings.

Patients attending these clinics are usually first seen by a nurse who will obtain weight and height measurements. The Orthoptist will then carry out an orthoptic assessment, record changes in ocular signs and symptoms and may manage the relief of double vision with prisms. A medical examination will also take place by the Endocrinologist in order to assess thyroid function. Patients will then have an Ophthalmic (eye health) examination, which will be carried out by the Ophthalmologist.

This clinic allows complex cases to be discussed and managed jointly between the specialists within one clinic visit. However, some patients may need to be managed further in the eye clinic at St James University Hospital (Chancellor wing/Orthoptic clinic).

The specialists involved in the TED clinics are:

Sandy Bansal - Orthoptist

Danielle Guy - Orthoptist

Mr R Aajan - Endocrinologist

Professor B Chang - Consultant Ophthalmologist