The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Referral From Another Hospital

There may be instances where you were initially referred to a hospital other than Leeds Teaching Hospitals, but a decision was taken that Leeds was best placed to provide you with the care that you needed.

In those instances, the original hospital would send us a transfer document to tell us information about your referral and how long you had already been waiting for treatment.  This information would then be transferred onto our systems and the information would be passed to a Consultant to review who will decide how urgent your appointment is and which clinic or hospital would best meet your particular requirements and details of any tests they would like you to attend before your appointment.

Once we have received this information from your Consultant, we will then add you to an appropriate waiting list.  If you had already been waiting for treatment at your original hospital, this would also be recorded when taking into account the total waiting time.

When it is time to book your appointment, we will then contact you either directly by telephone to arrange the appointment or we may send you a text message asking you to contact us.  We can then agree the appointment with you and answer any queries you may have regarding your visit to hospital.  Please note that staff within the Referral & Booking Service are not medically trained and so cannot answer any medical questions that you may have regarding tests, procedures, etc.

If you are subsequently unable to attend the agreed appointment it is important that you let us know with as much notice as possible so that we can look to reuse the slot for another patient.