The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

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Consultant Secretary Telephone Number
Mr Andrew Smith Marcelle Teale 0113 2064890
Mr David Reid Marcelle Teale 0113 2064890
Mr Alistair Young Lynne Athey 0113 2065122
Mr James Pine Lynne Athey 0113 2065122
Nursing Area Telephone Number
HPB Clinical Nurse Specialists Bexley Wing 0113 2068601
Pancreas Advanced Practitioner Ward J82 Bleep 4198 / Contact J82
Ward J82 Bexley Wing 0113 2069182
Specialist   Telephone Number
Dietician Anna Burton / Kelly Wilson   0113 2068645 Bleep 6122
Substance Use Hepatology Nurse Specialist  Jon McGowan  0113 2066315 Bleep 4302
Pancreas and Duodenum MDT Co-ordinator  Neil Wright  0113 2068569

 If you want to discuss any aspect of your hospital experience including any concerns relating to your care on J82 then please do not hesitate to contact our Ward Manger.