The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

After your surgery

Going home

You may be asked to go to our discharge lounge once you have been told you can go home.  Please arrange your own transport home, where possible. Useful information about the discharge can be found in this leaflet.

At Home

You will continue to recover at home once you have been told by the medical team you are safe to be discharged from hospital. We would advise that you have support from your family and friends to help you recover. 

After major surgery you will not be able to drive until you can perform an emergency stop, not allowed to lift anything heavy for 6 weeks. 

You will also need small daily injections, for a total of 28 days after your operation, to prevent a venous thrombotic embolism occurring.  Our nurses can show you or a family member how to administer these.

Please contact your General Practitioner if you have any new symptoms after your surgery. If you have: -

  • A fever (temperature above 38'C)
  • Redness or leakage from the wound
  • Nausea / vomiting
  • Jaundice (yellowing of the skin)
  • Any new or unexplained symptoms

Follow up appointment

Usually your first appointment after your operation will be between 2-8 weeks depending up why you had surgery and if you had any complications with your surgery. Your operation may be discussed in detail and we will hopefully have confirmation from the pathology laboratories what type of tissue we have removed at the time of your operation.  At this appointment you will be advised if we need to see you again or if we need to continue monitoring your treatment pathway.  You may also require further tests and scans before the appointments.  If you require any further information or need to cancel your out-patient appointments please visit our 'contact us' page or the 'support page'.