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Atypical haemolytic uraemic syndrome (aHUS)

Sample processing for aHUS analyses to be undertaken by the National Renal Complement Therapeutics Centre in Newcastle.

Tube Various tubes. Details provided in the additional information section
Additional Information Requests MUST be discussed with the specialist coagulation lab in advance of sending the samples. Telephone 0113 20 65620 AND email Deliver samples to the lab in person. If sending samples from Leeds General Infirmary these MUST be sent via taxi from the ward direct to the specialist coagulation lab.

PLEASE NOTE: these samples must be received before 12 noon Monday to Friday ONLY. Samples received outside this period may not be processed / delivered to newcastle in an appropriate time frame.

Tubes Adults:
New Referral 1 x 5ml EDTA for EDTA plasma, 2 x 7ml SST for Serum and a further 2 x 5ml EDTA
ADAMSTS 13 activity 2 x 2.7ml sodium citrate for citrated plasma.

Tubes Paediatrics:
New Referral 1 x 2ml EDTA for EDTA plasma, 2 x 5ml SST for Serum and a further 2 x 2ml EDTA
ADAMSTS 13 activity 1 x 1.3 ml sodium citrate for citrated plasma
Send to Specialist coagulation
Chancellor / Lincoln Wing Link Corridor
St James University Hospital
Contact Specialist coagulation: 0113 20 65620
Collection Con Collection Conditions Minimum volume: See referral form / section ‘Tube’ for guidance on sample requirements. Collection Conditions Requests MUST be agreed in advance by the Specialist Coagulation Lab. Ring the Lab when samples are due to be collected and bring to the lab in person / via taxi immediately after collection. More information including tube types and request forms can be found at: under ‘aHUS lab diagnostics (adults) / (paeds)’. Instructions to lab: Samples should be processed as soon as possible (must be within 4 hours). Ideally samples should be spun using the refrigerated centrifuge however a normal centrifuge can be used if this is not available. A courier must be arranged with the aHUS service for delivery of samples to Newcastle. Refer to BSHC-FOR-130 (paediatrics) or BSGC-FOR-131 (adults) for details of sample processing, storage, and couriers. Additional information is also available in the Processing of aHUS Samples SOP BSHC-SOP-129.
PLEASE NOTE: If this is a request for Eculizumab / Ravulizumab refer to test and tests ‘aHUS Complement Blockade Bloods (Eculizumab / Ravulizumab)’
Sample REQ Blood
Ref. Range Notes Reports are returned directly to clinical teams and will contain interpretation.

Telepath AHUS1R & SA1R