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Disaccharidases (lactase, maltase, sucrase)

Measurement of the activity of small bowel mucosal disaccharidase enzymes (lactase, maltase, sucrase) from duodenal or jejunal biopsy tissue. Clinical indication for requesting: investigation of malabsorption due to disaccharidase enzyme deficiency.

ID Tests&Tubes0179
Additional Information Requestors should ideally phone the laboratory the day before carrying out the biopsy. Collection tubes and dry-ice are provided by the lab on the day of the procedure. Requires minimum of 5 mg tissue from duodenal or jejunal biopsy, wrapped in foil and snap frozen on dry ice. Please return the dry ice box with sample to the main biochemistry lab, not the sort room.
Turn Around Turnaround time stated by Manchester Royal Infirmary: 2 weeks.
Send to Blood Sciences LGI
(Test referred to: Manchester Royal Infirmary.)
Contact For further details please contact Leeds Pathology customer services:
Advice Full Referred Test details logged internally on the referred test database [BSF2REC17003]
Collection Con Instructions to lab: On the day of collection, make up an igloo containing dry ice, with a pack containing foil, a 2mL screw-top and a universal tube, held to the lid with a rubber band. On receipt of sample, store frozen at -70.
Sample REQ Biopsy tissue
Ref. Range Notes Jejunal maltase 130-456 U/g protein. Jejunal sucrase 30-152 U/g protein. Jejunal lactase 6-55 U/g protein.
Telepath DSAC1R & SA1R
ICE Codes LGI superset LDSAC (DSAC1R & SA1R). SJUH superset JDSAC (DSAC1R & JCHM2L)