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Fibroblast growth factor 23 (FGF23) Intact

Fibroblast growth factor is involved in phosphate metabolism. Over-expression leads to phosphate excretion. High levels are found in hypophosphataemic rickets. Clinical indication for request: a marker for the phosphate-wasting condition oncogenic osteomalacia and also hypophosphataemic rickets.

Tube 04 (EP) - EDTA Plasma
ID Tests&Tubes0274
Additional Information Fasting sample required. Patient must not be ferritin deficient. Sample should be sent to the lab within one hour of collection.
FGF23 C-terminal is the front line test for FGF23, see separate entry. Intact FGF23 is preferred in patients who have reduced renal function (CKD stage 3+).
Turn Around Turnaround time stated by Norfolk & Norwich: 4 weeks.
Send to Blood Sciences LGI
(Test referred to: Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital.)
Advice Full information on all referred tests can be found on the referred tests information database, EQMS reference BSF2REC17003.
Collection Con Instructions to lab: Centrifuge, separate and freeze plasma within 1h of sample collection.
Minimum volume: 0.6mL.
Sample REQ Blood
Ref. Range Notes 33-110 pg/mL
Units pg/mL
Telepath LGI superset code FGFI, SJUH superset code JFGFI