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Genital Culture

Genital Culture

Diagnosis of genital infection may be made by clinical examination, clinical and sexual history and vaginal pH see

In some cases pH testing may indicate a sample should be taken or other demographic or clinical details may indicate the need for sampling.

Genital samples are indicated in patients where:

 Symptoms consistent with recurrent thrush, vaginal pH < 4.5
 Abnormal discharge NOT consistent with BV or TV, vaginal pH > 4.5
 Abnormal discharge in a patient who is > 60 years old or who has dyspareunia or dysuria Group B streptococcal screening in pregnancy
 Discharge in children <10
 Male discharge

Negative results will be issued as “No target pathogens identified” with further comment to define what organisms the swab has been cultured for.
Positive results will report the target organism identified with further comment to define all organisms the swab was cultured for.

Tube Pink Copan liquid swab Orange Copan liquid swab (endocervical and penile)
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Additional Information Order Comms is set up to specifically guide on the samples required for investigations. The Genito-Urinary page is set up in collections of presenting conditions. The samples listed within the collection should be sent to the laboratory for investigation. If pH testing is indicated the request will lead you through steps of an algorithm and advise on empirical treatment if a swab is not necessary. In no case should a pH be entered incorrectly as this could lead to missed pathogens.

Turn Around 6 days
Send to LGI Microbiology Department
Collection Con Remove all excessive amount of secretions or discharge. Obtain sample from the mucosal membrane of the vaginal vault. Use a speculum if available.

Good results are dependent upon good sampling technique. This site has a high number of commensal organisms.
IP Routine TAT 6 days
GP Routine TAT 6 days