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Bacteriology 16s PCR

Bacterial 16S ribosomal DNA PCR uses primers to conserved regions of the 16S ribosomal DNA of bacteria. In between the conserved regions DNA containing variable regions are also amplified. The variable regions are specific for particular species and therefore allow for molecular species identification. Some organisms cannot be identified unequivocally using this method but those instances are rare. 16S identification currently used when sterile site infections are suspected (e.g. heart valves from infective endocarditis patients, CSF other than caused by N. meningitidis or S. pneumoniae). Up to 3 infecting organisms can be detected. This test requires prior discussion with the medical microbiologist.

Tube Various depending on sample type
ID 3636
Availability Twice weekly
Turn Around 10 days
Send to LGI Microbiology Department
Collection Con Sampling of sterile sites using aseptic techniques is paramount as any bacterial contamination will be detected due to the sensitivity of this test