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Platelet Function Test

Platelet Function Test

Investigation of platelet function, including platelet aggregation, nucleotide estimation and platelet surface glycoprotein analysis.

Tube 05 (CP) - Citrate
ID 12710
Availability By pre-arranged appointment only. Assays run Wednesday and Thursdays. Samples must be delivered to the laboratory by 11:00 am on the day of venepuncture.
Additional Information **SAMPLES MUST NOT BE SENT IN THE AIRTUBE** Samples must be delivered to the laboratory by 11:00 am on the day of venepuncture.

This test is only available by specialist request from a Haematology Consultant and should be discussed with a member of the Haemostasis consultant team before arriving into the laboratory. All platelet testing is prearranged with the laboratory before samples are taken to ensure that relevant trained staff are available on the day to process the tests and ensure that we have contact information for the requestor.

Samples must not be subjected to agitation.
Turn Around 4 weeks
Send to Specialist Coagulation
Chancellor / Lincoln Wing Link Corridor
Block 32
St James University Hospital
Beckett Street
Collection Con **SAMPLES MUST NOT BE SENT IN THE AIRTUBE** Citrate x 8 minimum (all citrate tubes must be filled to the line). samples must be kept at room temperature and delivered to the laboratory immediately with minimal agitation.
Sample REQ Blood
Ref. Range Notes Platelet Aggregation - Qualitative report: interpretive comments added. Platelet nucleotides: Total ATP: 25.5 to 68.9 Total ADP: 12.9 to 39.7 Released ATP: 4.1 to 18.9 Released ADP: 5.3 to 28.5. Platelet glycoproteins - interpretive comments added
Units Descriptive report
Telepath PAGGJ, PN1J, PG2J,