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Catecholamines (neuroblastoma)

Catecholamines (neuroblastoma)

Analysis of the catecholamine dopamine and catecholamine metabolites HVA and HMMA for the investigation into and monitoring of neuroblastoma.

Tube 25 mL universal containing 1mL 4M HCl
ID 29932
Availability Weekdays
Turn Around 18 days
Send to Specialist Laboratory Medicine
Block 46
St James hospital
Beckett Street
Collection Con Minimum volume: 5.0 mL

Instructions for lab: Send to Block 46. If storage required (overnight or over the weekend) store refrigerated at 2-8ºC.

Do NOT reject 24 hour urine samples, send an aliquot in a universal to Block 46 (aliquot treated as a random urine).

Please discuss with Biochemical Genetics lab prior to rejecting any samples.
Frequency Weekly
Sample REQ Acidified urine. The patient can eat normally during the collection period but must not be on any drug therapy. If they are, the prescribed drugs must be recorded on the request form.
Ref. Range Notes Age related reference range supplied on the report as appropriate. Contact Biochemical Genetics laboratory for further advice if required.
Units µmol/mmol creatinine
Telepath Urine HVA & HMMA: HVAU1J, Urine dopamine: DOPU1J
ICE Codes Urine HVA, HMMA & dopamine: LHVAU