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Cystine (urine)

Cystine (urine)

Used in the investigation and monitoring of cystinuria, a cause of renal stones.

Tube 24h Acid Urine (HCl) (see further information below regarding acceptable sample types)
ID 29941
Availability Weekdays
Additional Information Measured as part of a urine amino acid profile.
Turn Around 14 days
Send to Specialist Laboratory Medicine
Block 46
St James hospital
Beckett Street
Collection Con Minimum volume: 5 mL

Instructions for lab: Send to Block 46. If storage required (overnight or over the weekend) store refrigerated at 2-8ºC.

Please discuss with Biochemical Genetics lab prior to rejecting any samples.
Frequency Daily
Sample REQ Acidified urine is the preferred sample type. If not possible, a non-acidified sample may be acceptable. If a 24 hour collection is not possible, a spot urine sample may be acceptable.
Ref. Range (Male) 51 - 249
Ref. Range (Female) 45 - 250
Units µmol/ 24 hours
Telepath Quantitative 24hr urine cystine: CYSX1J