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Test performed as part of a urine metabolic screen where clinically indicated. The mucopolysaccharidoses are lysosomal storage disorders caused by defects in breaking down glycosaminoglycans.

Presenting features may include dysmorphism, skeletal deformities, liver dysfunction, hernias, progressive psychomotor retardation, corneal clouding and cardiac problems.

Tube Plain Universal
ID 29970
Availability Weekdays
Turn Around 18 days
Send to Specialist Laboratory Medicine
Block 46
St James hospital
Beckett Street
Collection Con Minimum volume: 3 mL

Instructions for lab: Send to Block 46. If storage required (overnight or over the weekend) store refrigerated at 2-8ºC.

Please discuss with Biochemical Genetics lab prior to rejecting any samples.
Frequency Weekly
Sample REQ Urine
Ref. Range Notes Descriptive report of results is provided. Contact Biochemical Genetics laboratory for further advice if required.
Telepath Urine mucopolysaccharides: MPSU1J, Urine creatinine: CREU1J
ICE Codes Urine mucopolysaccharides: LMPSU