The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Enterovirus PCR

Enteroviruses include coxsackieviruses, echoviruses and polioviruses. These cause a wide range of diseases including meningitis, rash illness such as hand foot and mouth diseases, myocarditis, neonatal sepsis and Bornholm's disease.

Tube Dependent on sample type
ID 3640
Availability Mon-Sat.
Samples for same day testing must arrive before 9.30am
Additional Information Samples should be sent from the suspected site of infection.
Viral Throat swab - Pharyngitis
Non vesicular rash
CSF - meningoencephalitis
Pericardial fluid - Myocarditis
Tissue- internal organ infection
Faeces - Meningoencephalitis, Myocarditis, Rash,myalgic encephalomyelitis
Eye Swab - conjunctivitis
Mouth swab - mouth ulcer
Skin or vesicle swab - rash
EDTA sample - PUO <3 month old
Turn Around 3 days
Send to LGI Microbiology Department
Collection Con If delays occur refrigerate at 2-8 degrees C.
IP Routine TAT 3 days
GP Routine TAT 3 days