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Parechovirus PCR

PCR detection of Parechovirus. Virus can cause gastrointestinal and respiratory infection in infants. Also implicated in myocarditis and encephalitis Tested in conjunction with enterovirus. Can cause
Assay does not detect Parecho 22 and 23

Tube Dependent on sample type
ID 3657
Availability Mon-Sat.
Samples for same day testing must arrive before 9.30am
Additional Information Samples should be sent from the suspected site of infection.
Viral Throat swab - Pharyngitis
Non vesicular rash
CSF - meningoencephalitis
Pericardial fluid - Myocarditis
Tissue- internal organ infection
Faeces - Meningoencephalitis, Myocarditis, Rash,myalgic encephalomyelitis
Eye Swab - conjunctivitis
Mouth swab - mouth ulcer
Skin or vesicle swab - rash
EDTA sample - PUO <3 month old
Turn Around 3 days
Send to LGI Microbiology Department
Collection Con If delays occur refrigerate at 2-8 degrees C.
IP Routine TAT 3 days
GP Routine TAT 3 days