The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you cater for special dietary needs?

Yes, we do. We have a Facilities Dietetic Adviser and work closely with the nutrition and dietetic teams to ensure that our Menus are planned to meet the needs of our patients. We obtain and assess the nutritional information for all products before they are added to our menus. The majority of patients will be able to choose from the main Core Menus, which includes guidance (Dietary Coding) to help patients choose from the menu , as below.
In addition there is a range of Additional Menus to accommodate patients personal, religious or cultural preferences and for some clinical conditions:

  • Multi Cultural Menu
  • African Caribbean Menu
  • Kosher Menu
  • Smaller Appetite Menu
  • Children's Alternative Menu
  • Renal / Low Potassium Menu
  • Gluten Free Menu
  • Texture 3 Menu (Liquidised)
  • Texture 4 Menu (Pureed)
  • Texture 5 Menu (Minced & Moist)
  • Texture 6 Menu (Soft & Bite Size)

We also have a Snack Menu for patients who have been identified as having a high MUST score and are at higher nutritional risk.

Items to meet very specialised needs can be ordered by the Dietitian or Nursing staff on a Special Diet Request Form (D1).

How does the menu cycle work?

We have a Core Menu for Adults and Children, which includes a weekly ‘Bistro style’ Lunchtime Menu and a two week Evening Meal Menu. These Menus incorporate some theme meals, such as Fish & Chip Friday, Saturday evening Curry or Oriental Take-away theme, Sunday Roast dinner. All patients should be offered the choice from the Core Menu (unless unsuitable for their clinical condition).
In addition, the Additional Menus are available as ‘a la carte’ Menus and so do not change day-to-day. However a good choice is available on each Menu.

How do we cater for a patient that has missed a meal?

A 24 hour Menu is available for children or adults who have missed a meal. This consists of a selection of items, such as sandwich, Yoghurt, Fresh Fruit. Also toast, cereals, biscuits and beverages are available at each ward for 24 hour service.

Are patients offered a choice of meals each day?

All patients have a choice from the Core Menus and if appropriate then they can choose from the Additional Menus. Choices available at each meal are as follows:

Breakfast consists of a choice of cereals, bread, toast and preserves and beverages and is offered at the point of service.
The Lunchtime Meal is a 3 course ‘Bistro style’ Meal consisting of:
Starter – a choice of soup of the day or a fruit juice with bread roll and butter.
Main course offers either a choice of Hot options, a complete Salad meal, a Sandwich or Jacket Potato with a choice of fillings and up to 2 side dishes.
Dessert – a choice from 4 items which includes locally produced Ice cream, fresh fruit or fruit in juice, cake, cheese and biscuits or Yoghurt.

The evening meal is a 2 course traditional style meal consisting of:
Main Course offers a number of hot and cold options with a range of side dishes to accompany the meal.

Dessert offers a range of hot puddings, a hot milk pudding and a selection of fruit, yoghurts and scones.

What are the standard meal times?

This varies ward by ward, but in general Lunch and Evening meals are served at 12.30 hrs and 17.30 hrs, as these times best fit the ward routine and protected meal times. However our current system does provide flexibility to have staggered meal times.

Are patients permitted to bring in their own food/meals?

It is acceptable for food to be brought onto the ward, providing it is only of the low-risk variety as documented in the Ward Food Safety Guidelines. Hot 'Take-Away' food is classed as a high-risk food, and should be strongly discouraged.