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Faecal Incontinence

Incontinence of the bowel is described as being unable to hold onto wind, solid or liquid stool.
Bowel leakage affects up to 53 million people across Europe.

Bowel incontinence can affect people in different ways. These can include:

  • Having to rush to get to the toilet to open your bowels
  • Leakage of your bowels on the way to the toilet
  • Soiling yourself without realising you needed the toilet
  • Leaking poo when you pass wind
  • Marking your underwear after opening your bowels 
  • Being unable to control wind 

You may also have other symptoms, such as constipation, difficulty opening your bowels or diarrhoea.

 Our clinical specialists have an huge amount of experience assessing and treating these patients with pelvic floor muscle training and conservative measures and work closely with the doctors and nurses to ensure optimal care.