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Welcome to the Pre-assessment unit at Wharfedale Hospital. Our role in the healthcare journey is to assess patients for fitness before they come in for an operation.

We are a team of nursing and administrative staff. Our administrative staff also make up the admissions team for patients who will undergo surgery at Wharfedale Hospital.

We believe each patient is unique and individual with his or her own physical, emotional, social, religious and spiritual needs. We aim to meet the needs of each patient who visits our department.

If you require a surgical procedure you must first undergo a pre-assessment to evaluate your fitness for anaesthetic and surgery.

Your referring consultant will ask you to attend the Pre-assessment unit at Wharfedale Hospital. During this appointment you will be seen by a registered nurse, consultant anaesthetist, and other members of our multi-disciplinary team who will take a full medical and social history.

Your pre-assessment appointment aims to:IMG 9709 edit s4

  • Provide information relating to the procedure.
  • Ensure your fitness for an anaesthetic.
  • Minimise any risk involved.
  • Identify any health concerns.
  • Offer ways to improve any existing health problems.
  • Refer you to other health professionals if required.

This assessment enables us to ensure you are in the best possible health prior to your operation, as this will help speed your recovery.

You may have to wait before you receive a date for your surgery, but sometimes the team can offer an admission date during the pre-assessment appointment.

We are located on the lower ground floor of Wharfedale Hospital - please report to reception on arrival and help yourself to the refreshments provided.

We hope your visit with us is a pleasant experience.

Sarah Dodsworth, Assistant Patient Services Co-ordinator

Krista Reilly, Pre-assessment Sister

Please note: all patients must be fit and available for surgery before they can be added to the waiting list for a procedure.