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Meet the Team


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A specialist doctor who works with x-rays and other imaging techniques. All of our current radiologists within the trust are female doctors that have in depth expertise in breast imaging as a whole. The radiologist will only see a woman following breast screening when required and can perform a variety of diagnostic tests and aid in any necessary diagnosis.

Consultant Radiographers

A specialist Radiographer who has in depth knowledge of breast imaging. Consultant radiographers have a similar role to radiologists and are trained to interpret mammograms, perform biopsies and use ultrasound equipment.

Advanced Radiographer Practitioner

Advanced Radiographer Practitioners have a variety of skills and knowledge relevant to breast imaging. Most advanced practitioners carry out screening mammograms within the local area. Another role they have is carrying out needle assisted biopsies or interpreting mammograms.

Specialist Radiographer / Mammographer

A specialist radiographer is highly trained radiographer in breast imaging. The radiographer is the woman that will perform the screening mammogram on the day of your appointment. If a woman is recalled to an assessment clinic a radiographer will perform the necessary further mammograms .

Breast Care Nurse

The breast care nurses provide  information and support  on the diagnosis and treatment before, during and after treatment for yourself and your family.

Assistant Radiographer Practitioners

Assistant radiographer practitioners have varied roles throughout breast imagine. They regularly perform screening mammograms throughout the local area. If a woman is recalled to assessment clinic an assistant practitioner will be present when the woman is with the doctor.


Our administrative team will send out appointments, help with telephone enquiries, and co-ordinate test results. The team liaises with other screening units, hospitals and GPs.

Medical students and training staff

As a specialist service within a large university teaching hospital, we provide training for medical students and other professional staff furthering their education. However, patient choice and confidentiality is respected at all times and if you have any concerns please speak to a member of staff.