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Symptomatic Breast Imaging


Symptomatic Breast Imaging

Based in Chancellor’s Wing, St James’ University Hospital (SJUH). This is the place where parents are referred to by their GP or for their breast follow up. They’re seen in clinic by surgeons, registrar or nurse practitioner and have clinical examination and referred to breast imaging if suitable.

We work closely with the breast surgery and operate together 8 one-stop clinics a week. This involves a full triple assessment of :

1) A clinical examination

2) Appropriate imaging i.e. +/- mammogram and/ or breast ultrasound examination

After all the imaging and interventional procedures, the radiologist or consultant radiographer will write report at the time of the imaging .the report is given to the referring clinician in clinic , the patient is seen by the surgeon / registrar / nurse practitioner and given diagnosis before leaving the department  or followed up by a telephone appointment.

The ultrasound room at St. James hospital in Chancellor Wing