The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Before Your Procedure

You will arrive either in our department or on one of the wards. On the ward, you will be clerked by a member of staff before the porters collect you for your procedure.

When you get to our department you will be asked to sit in our recovery room with one of the department nurses or a clinical support worker. They will clerk you in so we have all the information we need before we take you into the theatre. This will involve answering questions about your health, having a cannula put in and getting changed into a theatre gown. This will also be when one of our Doctors will come and consent you for your procedure, this is your opportunity to ask questions about any concerns you may still have.

After being consented, the team will go and discuss what they need for your case and finish making the theatre ready for your procedure. When we are prepared for you, we will either walk or wheel you into the theatre and get you positioned on the bed. At this stage, the nurse will use a sterile cleaning solution to clean the procedure site before we begin.

Recovery Room
 nursing station    View 1
Nursing Station   Recovery Room - View 1
 View 2    View 3
Recovery Room - View 2   Recovery Room - View 3


Views of the Theatre Room
Theatre View 1   Theatre View 2
Theatre Room - View 1   Theatre Room - View 2
Theatre View 3   Theatre View 4
Theatre Room - View 3   Theatre Room - View 4